Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Didn't Even Get a Cookie!

The DR visits began yesterday with the nurse. She asked the basic questions about family history, my health, etc. I expected that, so no big deal. I even anticipated having to pee in a cup and to have some bloodwork done.

That being said..............

FOUR VIALS OF BLOOD LATER! I'm still standing! LOL

I'm glad that I didn't watch her switch from vial to vial because I would've lost it! It's enough for me to just sit there and be still for one. Four vials!!! I guess there's a ton of tests to be done, but jesus!

I told J about my visit and everything we talked about along with the bloodwork and he said,
"All that and you didn't even get a glass of orange juice or a cookie!"

I thought about that for a minute and damn it! I should've gotten a cookie! LOL.
I guess this is only the beginning.

(I will give credit to the nurse. I barely felt the needle go in. Plus, I felt nothing as she switched vials or when she took the needle out! That is an awesome nurse!)