Friday, February 24, 2006

63 degrees outside and I'm stuck in the office. I have some serious cabin fever!
Not to mention, there's only an hour left in the work day and I'm antsy as hell to start the weekend. We get to have our baby shower tomorrow afternoon and I'm anxious to see what we'll get. Not much has been purchased off our registry, but I'm hopeful that people won't give us the shaft.

So, an hour to go and nothing to do. Just trying to keep/look busy, because otherwise I'd fall asleep at my desk out of boredom. I'm grateful that my Friday hasn't been hectic and hopefully no one will give my last minute work to do at 15 til 5. I'd like to end the week as caught up as I am right now.

I've been watching baby move a good portion of the day. He's definitely getting stronger. I've also noticed he tends to roll and stretch more than kick. From what I've heard, I should be grateful for that (LOL) and I am. I'm happy to feel him moving any time of the day or night. Even when it's 3 AM, I'm thrilled. It actually helps me get back to sleep after the 3-4 times I get up to pee now.

J and his dad have been working on refurbishing a dresser for baby. Since today was so nice, they put a coat of stain on and from what J said, it matches really well w/the crib. I can't wait to see it. We paid $75 plus materials for it and it's all made of real wood! Try to find that in any store now and pay less than $250.00! Not going to happen! We found this dresser at a consignment shop. All it needed was a little TLC and it's good as new. Hopefully there will be a few more decent days so that the 2nd coat of stain can be applied and it will be done. Once we get a final picture of it, I'll post it along side one of it before the work.

Things are coming together for baby. Crib is together, dresser is almost done, car seat is ready, I've washed a few clothes and blankets. We still need to baby proof sockets and cabinets, move cleaning products up, that kind of stuff. I'm very excited.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting Over It

So, I'm letting work be what it will be. I'll deal w/them as each situation comes up. That's not to say that the incessant comments about not taking leave/bringing baby to work aren't still pissing me off. I hear them 4x a day and each time they un-nerve me just a bit more than the last. I'll deal with it.

I was thinking the other day that we're in the single digits as far as weeks left in my pregnancy. 9 weeks to go, give or take a day or two. It seems like yesterday was Christmas and I didn't have much of a belly to show off to anyone. Now, well, it's not hard to miss. I'm not humongous, but at least I look pregnant now. I wonder how people will react this weekend at my baby shower?! Most haven't seen me since mid-December. I hope they don't all start patting the belly. I guess I can deal with it if they do. At least I know these people, as opposed to someone out of the blue walking up to me and doing that in the grocery store. God help the person who does that! LOL! The Rock's raised eye look will have nothing on the evil eye I give to a stranger who even looks like they might start patting my belly!

Anyway, back to it. J and I have gotten a lot accomplished. Baby's room is pretty much ready. We've got to stain the dresser, but that won't happen until the temperature warms up a bit more. Otherwise, every thing is pretty much ready. I should wash some more outfits to at least get baby through the first week. I'm hesitant because we don't know how big baby will be. I don't want to wash too much and not have him fit into them.

9 weeks to go. Crazy! Just crazy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Of Course!

Addendum to the list below:
#13 Well of course "I'll only be a phone call away" while on maternity leave. You can call me with any questions/work that needs to be handled while I'm trying to figure out exactly how to take care of a newborn. Fat chance motherfuckers! If the calls aren't from J or parents, you can fuck off! Seriously, FUCK YOU!

As the Belly Grows

and other points that are pissing me off/making me cry today.

Baby H is doing well. He's not so much kicking as squirming around and it's awesome! I'm excited to hold him in my arms, but I admit I'll miss feeling him move around in the belly! 9 weeks to go! Hardly seems like time has gone by that fast!

It's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant now. I remember just a few months ago when I was longing to look it. Finally, it is here! Of course, with this comes comments from people when I check out at the store about when baby's due, is it a boy/girl, etc. I don't mind the questions right now. Hopefully I won't get pissy as the time goes by and I get closer (and bigger) to the big day.

This takes me to my next "topic"/vent of things that are pissing me off! Not to mention most of them are making me cry as well. Damn hormones anyway!

1. People (mostly men) who make me get out of the way when walking down a hallway! Hello you fucking asshole, I'm the pregnat one. Give me a break!

2. Turning in my paperwork for my annual review and having my boss say to me,
"Oh, I forgot all your review." Yeah, thanks a fucking lot! I totally feel needed in your department now!

3. Getting my work area/procedure manual all up to date so that the part time pussy wimp girl has a clue as to what she's doing while I'm on maternity leave only to have her make one particular procedures 10x harder than it really is.

4. Having my boss (and now the receptionist and pussy wimp girl) tell me I don't need to take maternity leave, they'll just set up a bassinet in my work area. Gee, what fucking generosity you have! Fuck you!

5. Having #4 repeated 2-3 a day. Again I say, FUCK YOU!

6. Posting an online job listing for a position I've expressed interest in for over a year. My damn BA degree is in the field and I have a fair amount of experience doing said job. When I approaced my boss about it, she says, "Oh, you were still interested in that?" No, I only put it in my review sheet last year and have talked about it off and on for over a fucking year - just because.

7. All of the opportunities on my review sheet last year were taken away from me. No reason only than they couldn't find anyone to do my current job. So, apparently, fuck me.

8. The realization that I'll never get promoted here. There's no one to do my job (they don't want to go through the work of hiring someone) so I'm stuck here with empty "opportunities". Fuck me again, only this time bent over with a chainsaw.

9. Hitting the publish post before I was fucking done, damnit!

10. Having to have a meeting regarding #3 because pussy wimp girl can't find an answer on her own.

11. Knowing that the meeting in #10 isn't going to matter one fucking bit because they're going to do things they're own fucking way (backasswards) while I'm out anyway.

12. Getting the shaft at my annual review. At least they could compensate me for the stuff they said I'd get to do last year and then took away from me.

Can you tell I'm really pissed off. I've just had enough of being treated like shit. I'd really like to catch a break! Whether it's with this company or else where, I don't know that I care right now.

I'd just like to catch a fucking break!