Friday, April 06, 2007

trail of cheerios

I've been playing around with different ideas about changing this blog. I couldn't really pinpoint what I wanted to do, just something.
After changing colors, templates, layouts, etc, I decided I wanted to "start over".
I no longer feel bullish and, while I'm still coming into my own, I don't feel clumsy as I figure this whole parenting thing out.
Those feelings determined that what I wanted to change was the blog's name.

It's not a bad thing, just a simple change.
I'll still be around, just over here:
trail of cheerios

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Little Man Walking

He's getting much better after only a week!

Friday, March 30, 2007

When You've Got It *Really, Really* Good...


Part-time Co-worker A has a schedule:
9-3 Monday-Thursday
9-2 Friday
**Starting in June, she will only work Monday-Thursday

Her working provides her with spending money. Her husband has a nice job that pays extremely well. She doesn't have to work at all if she doesn't want to and she will call off a day because (fill-in-the-reason). My Boss, B, has bent over backwards to accomodate her. It's never good enough.

So why am I so irritated?
Because A has the audacity to complain about her schedule. It's too much. She doesn't need to work, it's just for spending money, blah blah fuckity blah blah...

The above schedule allows her to take her kids to school and pick them up. It allows her time to run errands before businesses close. She also has the luxury of time to clean, catch up on laundry or just sit on her deck in the sun and sip lemonade.

Her "it's not good enough" attitude is a slap in the face to parents who HAVE to work because there's no other way to make it financially.
I'm not turning this into a Stay-at-home-mom versus Work-outside-of-home-mom thing. god knows there's enough of that in the world already.
I'm pissed off because I'd kill for her schedule! I'd love to be able to have more time to take care of household chores, run errands and spend more time with K.
Not to mention having any money I make be my PERSONAL SPENDING MONEY!

I do not like A. I used to get a long with her pretty well but now I want nothing to do with her. I can only hope she starts having attendence "issues" again and will be replaced.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Music, Music, Where Is My Music (aka-Meme)

Bon at crib chronicles tagged me for a music meme.
I've been going back and forth trying to remember what was in the lastest download and I honestly couldn't remember!
So I have to tweak this meme just a tad and go off of what seven songs I would will download:

1. Nobody Told Me - John Lennon
2. Couldn't Get It Right - Climax Blues Band
3. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
4.Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
5.Stuck In The Middle With You - Steelers Wheel
6.Angel Mine - Cowboy Junkies
7.Cowboy Song - Thin Lizzy

My choices are all over the place - some 70's, some pretty current. Let's hope I can keep such an open mind as K starts to get into music.
(although god help me if he starts jamming to Top 40 bubblegum pop!)

Real Moms Addendum

Real moms have either a camera or video camera attached to their hip as they try to catch all the milestone moments on film.

Little Man has been taking a few steps on his own over the past few days. However, they are so quick that I've yet to get a picture.
I can hardly believe that he's getting to this point. This time last year he was still squirming around in my huge belly.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I Do All My Own Stunts

We had a good weekend. K and I got to play a lot.
Saturday it rained most of the day so we were stuck inside. We played on top of pillows and blankets, walked with the buggy, pushed the train around, chased the cats.
It was a good day.
Sunday we went to the park and tried out the slide (not to sure on those, yet) and played in the swings.
This morning K took off and crawled from one side of the bed (where we had been getting him dressed) to the other side lightening fast and

"Oh shit..."
(as I do a belly flop on top of the bed to try and catch his leg/ankle/pinky toe)

went right over the edge and landed on top of his head AGAIN!

K had the biggest alligator tears you've ever seen and cried for less than a minute.
He then spotted J finishing up ironing his shirt and started to giggle.

This kid of mine, I tell you...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Co(ck)-workers Suck!

I despise a three people where I work.
One puts on a "holier-than-thou" act even though he's been cheating on his wife for at least 4 years. Everyone here knows it.
One plays this "country bumkin" act so that he can get away with doing stuff his way and pretending stupid when someone calls him out for it not being anywhere close to how the company really does it.
One misses work a lot. At least 1-2 days every other week. It's usually because she ate something "funny". She calls at 4 am and leaves a message for my boss. 4 AM! This chica works part-time and doesn't have to be here until 9 AM. She only calls so early so that she doesn't have to talk to my/her boss.

I'm so riled up about it. I'm trying to calm down, but when you have to do 2-3 times as much work because people are fucktards, well it isn't easy.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Real Moms Meme

I took over waited my turn to use the PC this morning and what should I find?
Mrs. Chicken tagging me for a meme, yipee!

There are things I couldn't have imagined it before having K: cleaning up sick, not flinching at a dirty diaper (although there have been a few close calls) as well as the laundry that never seems to be finished even though I do 2 loads a day. Like Mrs. Chicken, there are some things that make it all worth it.

My Real Moms meme is based on being there for the icky-ness and not batting an eye.

Real Moms still cuddle up to their little one after being puked on and cleaning up "the runs" for 3 days.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Kristen started this! She has a page devoted to other Real Moms that is awesome. Check it out.
I'm also tagging
crib chronicles,
dooneybug days,
zany mothering,
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Friday, March 16, 2007

I Know (Almost) of What You Speak

This morning after K ate his oatmeal I was trying to wipe off his face.
He kept squirming and moving his face away, “saying”:
"mamamamama, nananana" like "mama, no no no! "
Could I be developing the parents ear and be able to understand toddler speak??? HA! Maybe.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Walking With Help

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hmmm, Milk

5, count 'em, FIVE more weeks until we can give K the good stuff.

This also means

from not having to buy formula anymore!


Meet Fish

Oh, I mean fish

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Firsts

Before Haircut

After Haircut

Big Boy Shoes

Big Boy Outfit

Eating Cake

Friday, March 09, 2007

For What It's Worth

1. Buying infant/toddler shoes is not that easy. They recommend soft soled shoes as they learn to walk, however those damn things won't protect his feet when he's playing outside this summer.

2. Trying on the before-mentioned shoes is like attempting to put an orange into a toaster.

3. I'm a cheap ass. I don't want to pay $30 or more on a pair of shoes K will outgrow faster than mold can grow in an abandoned shower. I want my money's worth, damnit!

4. Fiber in one's diet is great. I do my best to meet the minimum every day. Tripling the number of fiber grams in one day is NOT advised.

5. When you know the weekend is going to involve a get together with pizza and cake, you might as well start the binging a day early.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Man I Married (& the Father of My Son)

"Why don't we just low-jack him?"
This is the answer from J when I showed him the new child ID I made for K.

"Yeah, then we could find him anywhere."

"Then we could shock him if he starts to act up!"

Isn't technology great!
snarky, snark, snark

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ode to a Full Buddha Belly

K had 1/8 cup of mashed potatoes, 3oz of bananas and for his bedtime finale...

10oz of formula!

I don't think he's ever had that much formula at one time! His buddha-ness is sleeping with a nice full tummy.

Up For the Challenge?

K has the over the ear, fly away (far, far away) look to his hair right now. Plus, his hair is growing rapidly over his forehead. Try as I might to keep it perfectly coiffed, his hair ends up the same way every day - shaggy.

Dooneybug has inspired me to ponder taking K in for his first haircut. I'm ponder. Translation: I'm thinking about it and figuring out whether we're up for the challenge.

Yup, that's as far as I got.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

On The Upswing

K is doing much better. He's been playing a lot, chasing the cats and getting back to his normal self.
J, well J is still working on it. Whatever this flu is, it has been taking about a week to get over.
Me? Well, I'm counting my blessings that I've only had to deal with the head cold.

K has also managed to stand on his own for approximately .00001 of a second. LOL. It can only get better.

He has also learned how to wave "hi" and "bye". Take that, clapping hands homework! HA!