Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Sigh of Relief (for now)

The appt. went well. Baby H's heartbeat was strong and in the 150's. Didn't take much time for the DR to find it either, which was a relief!
Everything appears to be going well. Of course, I'm a glutton for punishment and decided to have the triple screen blood test done. It's not so much a diagnosis and just to determine the "risk factor" of the baby having spinal problems/Down Syndrome. My DR knows me well! She kept saying not to panic if the results come back abnormal and that the test just indicates if I would need more testing. I'm hoping that everything is normal. Even though she says not to panic, you know I will!
At this point, we don't have reason to believe that there could be problems. No one on J's or my side of the family has had Downs or any other genetic problems. That's one good think in our favor. Plus, I've been taking vitamins w/folic acid for almost a year before getting pregnant and have continued taking the prenatals, so hopefully there shouldn't be any spinal concerns either.
All we can do is wait and see. The results should be back in a week.

7 days and counting...........

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cautiously Optimistic

I have my next appt on Thursday.
Hoping that baby is still growing strong.
Hoping to hear the heartbeat.
2 people I know have miscarried and we were all very close in due dates - only about a week apart.
It's hard to wait another day and a half. Part of me, wtf, most of me, wants to go the ER with some story that I've been cramping a lot and can we check on things. The other part of me knows not to tempt fate that way!
Trying to be patient and optimistic,

and it's a bitch!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Here's A Thought!

"I just have to share this again today because Im so freaking excited!! We told all of our parents (6 of them! LOL) that we are PG last night!! My mom must have called me back like 10 times to talk about stuff and to tell me she wants to be called Nana" Message Board Poster on 10/20/05

So that is how your mother is supposed to respond! Someone should tell that to mine. Mother-in-Law has called twice to "check up" on us and see how everything is going. MY MOTHER was "forced" to call me only because J called her and told her that she might want to show some interest in her only daughter and the pregnancy! For fucks sake, she was the one who was harassing J and I about having children and her wanting to be a grandparent only a few months ago! Shit, MIL has already asked where we're registered at and has told us that she'll be helping us buy the crib. What has my mother done? Jack shit! She only does stuff when her hand is forced and even then it's difficult.
Ugh, I wish I had a magic answer to figure out what to do. I've tried the have a deep talk with her, one on one and all that crap! She puts up a wall and doesn't take it down. I keep hoping for some miracle change. I keep hoping that she'll blow all of my assumptions/opinions about her out of the water and prove me wrong. I keep hoping that she'll do more than feign interest in me. Sometimes I wonder why she even bothers? Why pretend to care if all you'd rather do is be off by yourself? That's the impression I get.
Then I wonder why do I get so worked up by her?! If that's the way she wants to be, then let her. But why does it bother me soo much? Probably because she's my mother and I'd like to have a decent relationship with her like many other mother-daughters do. I guess it stems from me holding out hope that she'll prove me wrong and really be interested in my life. I guess I should put that hope to bed. She hasn't changed since I was a little girl so the chances of her doing something different now are, well...........I'm not going to hold my breath.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes I just want to surf the web and see what new gems I can find. Today it was Attorney Wrangler. After reading through a few posts, I was "hooked".

I don't know what it is, but I'm collecting quite a list of sites/blogs that I have to check daily! Some people have to have a double espresso mocha everyday or have the sports ticker running on their PC at all times. Me, I have my own. I can't say what it is about them. Maybe it's just a way to escape from the ho-humness that creeps up during the day sometimes.

I don't care. I like them and they're fun to read!

Friday, October 07, 2005


Thank god for having access to pc's elsewhere! Mine crashed a few weeks ago and I've been a "nomad" for a while! I must brag about TigerDirect! I ordered everything through them and built my new one in no time flat. That is, once I got everything. Their shipping is great, but when you want it all to come in one shipment to save $$ of cost, well it takes a little bit longer. All is better, though. My new one is better, faster, stronger.....LOL! It Rocks! I sound like a fucking commercial! HA! I don't care! I have my PC back!

Now, I just need to get FrontPage and I'll be back in business for my websites. That and to attempt to find the email addresses that USED to be in my outlook. I should've printed the contact list out as a backup a while ago - oh well. Too late for that now.

Upward and onward! It's Friday. It's Fall. It's cool enough (hell, 32 degrees!) to wear sweaters that cover my bloated belly pooch that has yet to develop into a preggo belly. Ugh, this has got to be right up there with being the worst point in being pregnant. I'm sure labor takes the cake, but this "in-between" period sucks! People can tell I've gained some weight, but I just look overly bloated and not pregnant! I hope I pop soon. I don't need the huge belly yet, but a little one would be nice so that people can tell I'm preggers not fat. All in due time I suppose.

Not feeling so mean lately. Still emotional and I don't have as much of a thick skin as before but I'm hanging in there.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Bean

Our Announcement to the parents &
The bean in early September.

Things are going well so far. J and I got to hear the heartbeat a week ago (11 weeks) which was a relief! I wish I could listen to it more often - it seems like a dream!