Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You hear about all these different symptoms of being pregnant like morning sickness, moodiness, bloating, etc, etc, etc. Well, how about MEAN! Actually, that doesn't even come close to how I feel. I am a downright bitch! HA! And I'm not sorry about it!
Of course, as long as you don't piss me off, you're as good as gold. Push my buttons, though, and hell hath no furry like mine!
There is a sales rep who is Mr. Goody-2-shoes - he can do no wrong, blah, blah, blah. However, he's also quite insecure! How do I know? Simple, last week he went to my boss and "tattle taled" on me because I didn't say "good morning" to him! What the fuck?! I don't say good morning to 1/2 the people in this place. There's no ill will intended, I'm just trying to get to my desk and get started. **Not too mention I've told this smuck that I'm not a morning person a million times since I've started here almost 3 years ago. He should fucking know by now!
Anyway, back to my bitchiness. Since he had to go cry to my boss that I was being mean, I'm going to show him what fucking mean really is! I'll give him something to fucking cry about! I swear to god! What, are we in fucking kindergarten?
You know, if he would've asked me directly if I was okay or something like that, then I would've been fine with it and made up some pansy answer to get him off my back and let him be. No biggie. But now, well, he's stirred the pot and I don't care how fucking mean I am to him.

People want to "blame" it on being pregnant - fine. However, I'd act the same way even if I wasn't pregnant.

As if that wasn't enough, J and I are going to tell the family this weekend. We had chosen this date after we made sure that everyone would be able to come. Find out last night that my SIL has a wedding to go to and she thinks that would be all that she could handle!
(Back story - SIL has gone mental. I don't mean that in a harsh way, but over the past
2 years she's been in and out of the pycho ward. Lately, it's seemed that she's using it as
a crutch/excuse not to do things-example: last xmas we had to wait 3 hours past when we
were going to eat lunch and open presents because of her. When she did show up, we got no
apology, nothing.)
Anyway, I'm pissed off at her because we "claimed" the date a month in advance and damnit we're family! This wedding just appeared out of no where last week! I'm sick of this shit.
I'm sick of it always being about her!

Hmmm, it would probably be a good idea if I just stayed away from people today! LOL!


Nico said...

How did telling the family go? How are you feeling?