Friday, October 07, 2005


Thank god for having access to pc's elsewhere! Mine crashed a few weeks ago and I've been a "nomad" for a while! I must brag about TigerDirect! I ordered everything through them and built my new one in no time flat. That is, once I got everything. Their shipping is great, but when you want it all to come in one shipment to save $$ of cost, well it takes a little bit longer. All is better, though. My new one is better, faster, stronger.....LOL! It Rocks! I sound like a fucking commercial! HA! I don't care! I have my PC back!

Now, I just need to get FrontPage and I'll be back in business for my websites. That and to attempt to find the email addresses that USED to be in my outlook. I should've printed the contact list out as a backup a while ago - oh well. Too late for that now.

Upward and onward! It's Friday. It's Fall. It's cool enough (hell, 32 degrees!) to wear sweaters that cover my bloated belly pooch that has yet to develop into a preggo belly. Ugh, this has got to be right up there with being the worst point in being pregnant. I'm sure labor takes the cake, but this "in-between" period sucks! People can tell I've gained some weight, but I just look overly bloated and not pregnant! I hope I pop soon. I don't need the huge belly yet, but a little one would be nice so that people can tell I'm preggers not fat. All in due time I suppose.

Not feeling so mean lately. Still emotional and I don't have as much of a thick skin as before but I'm hanging in there.


Jaime said...

Hi Steph! I didn't know you had a journal. Fun! I'll be stopping here all the time now that I know. I can't wait til I pop either!!! :)

xo Jaime/Arnak