Thursday, April 06, 2006

Crap Shoot (aka - waiting / catch 22)

"The waiting is the hardest part." - Tom Petty

As I sit here and watch Baby squirm around, I am reminded how anxious I am for him to be born. I know it will be painful and I'll probably be a shell of a woman by the time it's over - but I'm just anxious.

I really don't care for not knowing when something is going to happen, like when Baby will be born. I mean, it is literally up in the air and I have no say in when things will get started. None at all. I guess that is why it seems like the birth will never get here - because I have no real "time frame" to go by. Sure, I have a due date, but that is tentative as well. It's a crap shoot.

This will probably drive me nuts.

I also know that when he gets here I'll be responsible for another person besides myself. That is a frightening thought as well. Makes me wonder why in the hell I'm so anxious for Baby to be born! I can't explain it. It's a catch 22. Another crap shoot.


Nico said...

I imagine when I get there it will drive me nuts too. Yet another thing completely outside our control.

Taking care of Baby I think you'll be able to manage just fine. Keep reminding yourself that millions of people who are way less intelligent than you have managed for thousands of years :-)