Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Little Trooper!

K has his first cold. Thankfully that's all it is and not croup or anything worse. We made a trip to the DR yesterday to make sure, since I've no idea what to do w/an infant battling a cold. DR was pleased that we were suctioning out his nose and running a humidifier in his room. We just have to wait it out now.

He's such a trooper because even though he has a rough sounding cough and stuffy nose, he's pretty much all smiles. It cracks me up. Sure he's fussy when he's coughing, but once he gets that out of his system his eyes open big and he starts looking around and smiling - as if he wasn't sick at all. I am grateful because I'm sure it could be worse. There's been no fever and K has been eating well.

It still sucks to see him not feeling 100% well. Hopefully it will pass soon.

This has made me realize that I'm a mom and not just a "care giver". Of course I knew that before, but it's really sunk in now that I have to pay attention to the color of his boogers as well as take his temperature by sticking a thermometer up his butt.

I'm chuckling just thinking about this. Never did I imagine doing this type of stuff. The stuff only a mom would do and not be grossed out by. :) Well, maybe a little bit. Mucous and poop can have some really funky/bizarre colors! LOL!
And those colors have meaning, believe it or not. I've no idea who determined what each color stands for, but good for them if it helps DR's and nurses figure out what is wrong.

Good for them, but maybe not so good for parents who're scratching their heads trying to remember what their child ate that could produce THAT color and smell! Oh, don't get me started on smell.......

UPDATE - My Product Plug

Thinking of poop color reminded of 2 situations when K had "explosive" poop that went over the changing table and onto the floor in a lovely neon green streak (snark).

All parents need this!

It will save your carpet, I swear by it! It cleaned the poop stain out of our tan carpet in no time.

Should you choose to not invest in that, I would then recommend this:

Trust me, you'll need it.