Saturday, June 24, 2006

What to Watch For

As I was feeding K today I happened to be looking at his eyelashes. I've noticed them before, but today it really sunk in how much they've grown.
A lot of things grow on a baby, but it's the little things that I've noticed.
I remember when we first got him home and I was feeding him. His eyelashes weren't very long at all. Now, well they're incredible!
I don't know why it's caught my attention. Maybe because it's one of the things you don't really think about. At least not as much as his body overall.

Speaking of things to watch for, we have a picture where K is freshly born and part of him is purpleish as he is beginning to pink up. It's crazy to see, but pretty cool at the same time. J said that seeing him come out and "pink up" is something he'll never forget (*for any pregnant ladies out there, make it a point to watch for this! Open your eyes and watch for it. Tell you DR and nurses you want to see this. It's truly amazing).