Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To Sign or Not To Sign

I've been thinking about teaching K some simple signs to help all of us communicate.
I've heard really good things about it but I'm concerned that I wouldn't do it enough. That we'd get caught up in helping him eat or play that I'd simply forget.
Signing Time was a web site that some had recommended and it looks good.
Does anyone do this? I'm interested in how well it works/worked.
I'm not expecting K to catch on and start signing right away, but it looked like something that would be helpful.


adrienne said...

we do it with our son (six months), but we don't think he's caught on yet. others swear by it and were kinda like hippies in the way that we think a toddler that knows ASL would be cool.

DD said...

I know of a couple of parents who taught their babes to sign. They both thought it was great b/c children's motor skills develop faster than their verbal skills. So things like cup and ball and sleep are much easier to communicate.

Anonymous said...

We did it, and found it really useful, for a few words in particular - more, all done and all gone.

Susan said...

We did it with both kids. I highly recommend it for the reason dd said -- it gives them a way to communicate with you. Plus, now that my oldest is six, we use the Toilet sign all the time. It's a great way to communicate across a room and no one knows -- unless they know the sign.