Thursday, November 09, 2006

Artful Dodger With a Twist

It's been starting to happen over the past couple of weeks. I'll drop off K at B's and he'll watch me intently get closer and closer to the door. His arms go up and out a little bit in that "pick me up" pose and B does her best to distract him with a toy.

Today I realized it was going to get a little trickier. K was sitting on the floor and would watch me, then B, then back to me. Unfortunately there were no toys to distract him. I found myself having to time my exit, much like the Artful Dodger would do when he was up to no good.

Now I'm not shucking responsibility or anything like Dodger, I'm just trying to leave without seeing K red-faced and crying.

Why do I have to be the drop off person?!