Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Signing Progress or Wishful Thinking?

I was feeding K his breakfast this morning and doing the sign for eat and more like I always do when we sit down at the table, when what do I spy with my little eye?
K signing eat! He did it a couple times and then he 1/2 did it and 1/2 played with some food in his mouth. LOL.
He's still learning and we have a ways to go, but I think he's getting it. Slowly, but that's okay. He's got a lot going on with being a super-fast cruising crawler, teething and scoping out the babes on the local morning TV show segment called "1st Birthdays". Ah, yes...my husband's son indeed!


DD said...

I'm amazed how signing has become so much more popular than it use to be. It was something I thought about when X was born, but I never followed up on it. I wish I had.