Monday, February 26, 2007

I Got Nothin'

Thursday, late afternoon -
J picks up K from daycare and they tell him that he has thrown up everything.
We get home, K throws up again.
The three of us go to urgent care to see what to do.
Dr. S says give him Pedialyte and then formula. If he tolerates those well, add solids in 24 hours.

Friday -
MIL, V, watches K for us. He doesn't throw up and even has a tiny bit of a saltine craker around noon. He drinks the Pedialyte and formula with no problem.
K does get a fever.

Saturday -
Fever goes down a bit. We continue his liquid diet until about 3 PM-ish. Decide to have him try some applesauce. Within 10 minutes, K has thrown up. We go back to the liquid diet.

Sunday -
K is out of character. He's keeping liquids down, but is incredibly fussy, arching his back, wants to be held but doesn't want to be held, rubs his eyes a lot, and does not want to play with anything.
We take him in to urgent care again. Dr. D tells us to stop giving him Pedialyte, put him on lactose free formula and resume his normal diet. (Note: this is the complete opposite of everything we've researched and been told by other DR.s)
We go home and around 4 PM-ish, do what Dr. D told us and gave him 1/2 jar of bananas. Within 10 minutes, the bananas were everywhere but in K's tummy. We cleaned him off and within 5 minutes of that, K got sick again.
J called the urgent care and chewed the ass of the barely there nurse and Dr. D (now known as Dr. dumshit in this house hold) for giving us directions that made our son sick again!
I called the on-call nurse for our Pediatrician and confirmed that we were doing the right thing by continuing the liquid diet and keeping our focus on making sure K didn't get dehydrated.
I also looked up on our Pediatrican's website and confirmed their treatment for vomiting was also what we had been doing this entire time.

Monday -
K had a 7 oz bottle, of which he drank 4 oz before vomiting, so he really only had 3 oz. He was fussy, only played for a little bit (20 minutes maybe) and wouldn't take any more formula. He arched his back, cried and I didn't know what to do.
We sat on the couch, wrapped up in his blanket and watched Fox News. After some wriggling, "dadada, mamamam, lala, babba", I watched K's eyes get heavy and he went to sleep.
I am in the process of doing 4 more loads of laundry (including the comforer on which K got sick on this morning) and counting down the minutes until our appt with the Ped, Dr. A.

I'm trying to figure out what to do about Dr. dumbshit, trying to understand what the hell is going on with my son, worried sick about him and about how J is handling all of this, wondering if this is related to K's reflux he had early on and if he should be back on Zantac...
as the title of this post clearly states -



DD said...

Some advice, which we received from an ER doc when X was vomiting:

Mix the pedialyte with a little bit of 7-up. Pedialyte tastes like shit, for one; and 7-up can help calm the tummy. Do not give him a bunch at once, either. A couple of sips, then wait 15 minutes followed by a couple of sips. Rinse. Repeat.

Bon said...

that's so crappy. poor K, and poor you and all your lovely pukey laundry. ;)

i am no doctor, and have never even played one on tv...but i do know that when we took O off his Zantac about two months ago he was also extra fussy, arching his back, throwing up more our doc put him back on the Zantac and all's good.

i hope your answer is so simple.

Dooneybug said...

It's always so frustrating when you don't know what's going on or how to make them better. Not to mention how heartbreaking to see your baby in pain.

Hope it all gets straightened out today with your ped!!