Friday, February 16, 2007


1. So I've been tinkering around and have gotten things set up the way I like. I may switch a few things around, but it's going MUCH better than yesterday. Thanks goes to DD for the idea of adding books, etc to the left hand side. :)

2. I get to buy new pants! Go ahead, scratch your head and go WTF? I told myself that I wouldn't buy new clothes until I had lost more of the baby weight and (with the exception of a couple sweaters that are required during the Midwest winter) I haven't. That means my wardrobe has been pretty limited. I get to shop for me now and look forward to finding pants a)in a smaller size! and b)perhaps in a color other than black.

3. I've been doing pretty good on weight watchers and with exercising. Since I re-started (the 5th time) after having K I've lost 4 pounds. :) I still need to watch myself on the weekends, but I'm getting better.

4. K is an independent madman daredevil who inherited my forceful self-will and impatience. Let the battle of wills begin.


Dooneybug said...

Love the new look, very chic! I've been thinking of changing my site again soon because I'm getting tired of it.

Great job on the weight loss! It's so hard to continue to be motivated and find that will power. Sounds like you're doing great though!

I like the music and books on the sides too. I used to do that and would like to get back into it too. I have such a hard time picking out books to read so I always love seeing what other people are reading to get ideas.

I'm actually watching some Boynton books right now on ebay, I think they are so good. We checked out Moo, Baa, La La La at the library and I thought it was very fun to read to my son.

Zany Mama said...

The new look is fabulous! I'm totally in awe and am considering paying someone to do a design for me as I could never do it myself.

Kudos to you - and for the weight loss, too!