Friday, August 26, 2005

A Toast.......Here's to nerves

Monday is my first appt w/ the OB's nurse for bloodwoork and all the initial stuff they have to have during pregnancy. I'm looking forward to it and yet, not, because I hate needles. I know they're going to draw blood and god help me if the nurse doesn't know what she's doing! LOL. Actually, god help her if she doesn't because I'm not one to sit still if she can't find the vein.

Friday. That is the BIG day. That is the (hopefully) ultrasound and meet with the OB day. Won't she be surprised to see me! LOL. Especially after 6 months of no ovulation, no period and no "definite" explanation. Sure there have been plausible theories, but nothing officially diagnosed. Yes, I think she'll be surprised indeed.

I expect she'll want to know how it happened. I'm 1/2 tempted to answer, well - the sperm met the egg and......but I don't know that she'll laugh. She might, she's not uptight or anything. Anyway, it'll be interesting to tell her that I hated the RE she recommended (well, the RE's assistant anyway) and therefore didn't follow their instructions, which led me to making an appt for a 2nd opinion with a different RE. The time between that and the actual appt being the beginning of it all! CB showed with full force and anyway, here I am!

I hope that there is something to see on the ultrasound. I'll be approx. 7 1/2 weeks. From what I've read, there should be a heartbeat by then and maybe the sprout will be about the size of a bean. It's insane how much s/he grows in the next 7 weeks! Everything gets formed over the next month. I mean EVERYTHING - brain, heart, fingers, toes, you name it, it's coming together. I'm still nervous that something could be wrong. That it could have implanted in the wrong spot or be a blighted ovum. I won't rest assured until I know where it's at and hear the heartbeat. Even then, I'll only be slightly assured because I still have 7 more weeks to get through before the risk drops significantly.

Here's to nerves!
6 1/2 days and counting....


Nico said...

I'm still reading, I don't want you to think that now that you're pg I'm not paying attention anymore... I just don't always know what to say.

Only 4 days to go now. I hope the ultrasound is perfect!!!