Monday, August 22, 2005


It's amazing what some people get away with where I work. For example, it's a small enough company to get away with only having one IT person - however that IT guy is a chump. He's hardly ever here when he needs to be and for that we fucking suffer. We have a new employee in our dept who needs her own pc and he can't even tell my boss when he'll have that set up! I fucking hate him because he gets away with soooo much - soo much that anyone else wouldn't in any other job.
Meanwhile, I've been working on new things, taking additional classes, graduated Magna Cum Laude (!!!) and generally making myself available for new projects here and what do I get - fucking nothing! Every potential thing that comes up gets pulled out from under me! The latest is the training of people on the new system. I don't get to do that because they dragged their feet in finding someone to do my job so that I'd be free to do it. I wish this place would actually follow through on what they "promise".

The only thing keeping me here is the baby.