Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What AM I thinking....and here we go again, maybe

I've been working on some freelance web site work and it got me thinking that this is what I'd love to do as a job. Problem with that is that while I have my BA degree, it's not in web design. So now....I'm going back to school for that! LOL! Don't know if it will help me with any job opportunities but it surely can't hurt.
Here's to more homework and final projects!

The HA saga continues...
Thursday could be the day for CB to arrive. When she arrived in July, it was exactly 14 days since I noticed ewcm at the end of June. This Thursday will be 14 days again so who knows. I kind of hope that she'll be here just because it'll seem like everything may be back on track. At the same time, I hope she doesn't so that it could mean I'm pregnant. I don't know what would be the bigger disappointment - having CB or not. Like I said, having it would be a sign that my body is getting back to normal (hopefully). It would be incredibly nerve racking to not have CB show because it could mean I'm pregnant or (and this is the worst case scenario) that my body is still fucked up.
When would I test anyway if CB is a no show?! I hate seeing one line on those damn pregnancy tests! I dare say it's worse than getting a shot - and I hate needles. Literally, will run out of the room if I see one.

So here we go - what will be will be. Let's just hope it's what I want. Let's hope I don't drive my husband crazy.


Nico said...

Nice blog spam there. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm totally excited that you actually had EWCM and got your period as scheduled after that. (And impressed that you paid enough attention to notice the 14 day difference!)

I assume you got some romping in at the appropriate time;-) I'll cross my fingers for you...

Are you feeling any symptoms?