Wednesday, July 27, 2005

As if there wasn't enough to deal with...

My mother decides to call J and tell him that she wants grandkids! All the other ladies in her office have them and she'd like some too!

Well all I have to say to that is "Then tell your fucking god to straighten things out so that I can!" She so religious, why doesn't she just pray about it if she wants it so damn bad!

As you can tell, we are not close. I haven't told her anything about what is going on precisely for this reason. Can you imagine the guilt trip she'd be laying if she DID know that things were delayed for reasons as yet to be determined?!

She just wants to be included in the group - but I don't give a damn!

J was so cool about it. He told her flat out not to push it because other wise he "pinch it off and pull out everytime" and she'd never get the chance to be a grand parent! LOL! I love my husband! He sticks up for me in the weirdest of ways, but always gets the point across.


Nico said...

That is an absolutely hilarious comeback. I love it! I bet your mom won't bring that topic up again for a good long while.