Thursday, September 08, 2005

16 Days and Counting

I hate having to wait to tell people about the baby. Especially when it's something as big as this! In 2 weeks we're going to tell the family. In 3 weeks I have my next OB appt and (hopefully everything is going well) then I'll "officially" announce it at work. I've actually already told my boss simply because I'd have more DR appts to go to. This year has been nortorious for those - what with going to the OB 4 times after initially going off of bcp and no AF to seeing an RE. I figured she should know that I'm not just taking long lunches for nothing!

So anyway, J and I have already worked out an idea of how to tell the family. We made pictures of the u/s and are going to put them inside grandma/grandpa frames. Those frames are going to be wrapped up in tissue paper and put inside a box. On top of the box, we're going to put another picture of J's and my feet alongside baby shoes. It's kind of hard to explain so I'll post it later. We figure the picture of our feet may be subtle enough, but just in case - well, that's where the u/s pics in the frames will make it really obvious! LOL! I think they'll get it.

Back to the waiting game, though. Seems like it's going to be forever. Plus, I just can't help wondering how the bean is doing. I hope it's growing well and not bouncing around too much when I work out. I wish I could have an u/s everyday to make sure everything is okay.

I still can't believe I'm pregnant. When does it sink in - when you feel a kick, go through labor, give birth?!


Nico said...

That's really cute! And much more sanitary than waving around pee-sticks!

In my imagination when I'm pregnant I'm just going to start by assuming that everything is going to be fine, like it is for almost everyone who gets pregnant, and not worry about it. But I'm sure it will be different once it actually happens...