Friday, September 09, 2005

Rubberband, Man!

I've had to resort to the rubber band trick today for my pants! I'm slowly growing out of my clothes, well my pants anyway, which is making my work wardrobe shrink. I've already had to put one suit in the back of the closet, now I'm on a pair of slacks. I'm kind of sad about loosing key items in my closet, but I understand why.

I totally don't want to go anywhere near the maternity clothes aisles until I get past the first trimester. Even though my OB said there's only a 10% chance of miscarriage, it's still a possibility that I can't ignore. I feel that I'd be tempting fate if I did any shopping or told anyone I'm expecting (other than those that have to know ie-my boss and well, this blog).

Here's to hopefully making my current clothes last 4 more weeks. At that point, then I may calm down a bit more and brave the maternity section.


Emma B. said...

Not that I've ever been pregnant enough to offer advice, but I read all about the Bella Band on Amalah, and thought it was, like the Cleverest Idea Ever.