Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Sigh of Relief (for now)

The appt. went well. Baby H's heartbeat was strong and in the 150's. Didn't take much time for the DR to find it either, which was a relief!
Everything appears to be going well. Of course, I'm a glutton for punishment and decided to have the triple screen blood test done. It's not so much a diagnosis and just to determine the "risk factor" of the baby having spinal problems/Down Syndrome. My DR knows me well! She kept saying not to panic if the results come back abnormal and that the test just indicates if I would need more testing. I'm hoping that everything is normal. Even though she says not to panic, you know I will!
At this point, we don't have reason to believe that there could be problems. No one on J's or my side of the family has had Downs or any other genetic problems. That's one good think in our favor. Plus, I've been taking vitamins w/folic acid for almost a year before getting pregnant and have continued taking the prenatals, so hopefully there shouldn't be any spinal concerns either.
All we can do is wait and see. The results should be back in a week.

7 days and counting...........


Nico said...

Great news! so glad the heartbeat was nice and strong.