Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cautiously Optimistic

I have my next appt on Thursday.
Hoping that baby is still growing strong.
Hoping to hear the heartbeat.
2 people I know have miscarried and we were all very close in due dates - only about a week apart.
It's hard to wait another day and a half. Part of me, wtf, most of me, wants to go the ER with some story that I've been cramping a lot and can we check on things. The other part of me knows not to tempt fate that way!
Trying to be patient and optimistic,

and it's a bitch!


Nico said...

Ooh, that's tough, especially with knowing the others who were due right around when you are. I have faith that you'll manage though. And wishing you the very best of luck with the u/s!!!