Friday, February 24, 2006

63 degrees outside and I'm stuck in the office. I have some serious cabin fever!
Not to mention, there's only an hour left in the work day and I'm antsy as hell to start the weekend. We get to have our baby shower tomorrow afternoon and I'm anxious to see what we'll get. Not much has been purchased off our registry, but I'm hopeful that people won't give us the shaft.

So, an hour to go and nothing to do. Just trying to keep/look busy, because otherwise I'd fall asleep at my desk out of boredom. I'm grateful that my Friday hasn't been hectic and hopefully no one will give my last minute work to do at 15 til 5. I'd like to end the week as caught up as I am right now.

I've been watching baby move a good portion of the day. He's definitely getting stronger. I've also noticed he tends to roll and stretch more than kick. From what I've heard, I should be grateful for that (LOL) and I am. I'm happy to feel him moving any time of the day or night. Even when it's 3 AM, I'm thrilled. It actually helps me get back to sleep after the 3-4 times I get up to pee now.

J and his dad have been working on refurbishing a dresser for baby. Since today was so nice, they put a coat of stain on and from what J said, it matches really well w/the crib. I can't wait to see it. We paid $75 plus materials for it and it's all made of real wood! Try to find that in any store now and pay less than $250.00! Not going to happen! We found this dresser at a consignment shop. All it needed was a little TLC and it's good as new. Hopefully there will be a few more decent days so that the 2nd coat of stain can be applied and it will be done. Once we get a final picture of it, I'll post it along side one of it before the work.

Things are coming together for baby. Crib is together, dresser is almost done, car seat is ready, I've washed a few clothes and blankets. We still need to baby proof sockets and cabinets, move cleaning products up, that kind of stuff. I'm very excited.


Nico said...

How did the shower go? I hope you had fun!!!