Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting Over It

So, I'm letting work be what it will be. I'll deal w/them as each situation comes up. That's not to say that the incessant comments about not taking leave/bringing baby to work aren't still pissing me off. I hear them 4x a day and each time they un-nerve me just a bit more than the last. I'll deal with it.

I was thinking the other day that we're in the single digits as far as weeks left in my pregnancy. 9 weeks to go, give or take a day or two. It seems like yesterday was Christmas and I didn't have much of a belly to show off to anyone. Now, well, it's not hard to miss. I'm not humongous, but at least I look pregnant now. I wonder how people will react this weekend at my baby shower?! Most haven't seen me since mid-December. I hope they don't all start patting the belly. I guess I can deal with it if they do. At least I know these people, as opposed to someone out of the blue walking up to me and doing that in the grocery store. God help the person who does that! LOL! The Rock's raised eye look will have nothing on the evil eye I give to a stranger who even looks like they might start patting my belly!

Anyway, back to it. J and I have gotten a lot accomplished. Baby's room is pretty much ready. We've got to stain the dresser, but that won't happen until the temperature warms up a bit more. Otherwise, every thing is pretty much ready. I should wash some more outfits to at least get baby through the first week. I'm hesitant because we don't know how big baby will be. I don't want to wash too much and not have him fit into them.

9 weeks to go. Crazy! Just crazy!