Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Creature of Habit

Per DR, I start leave tomorrow. Add some elevated blood pressure and swelling and it's rest time for me before Baby H arrives. Technically he should have been here yesterday, but we'll give hime the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he knew of the fiasco/bizarro birth of the TomKat baby and didn't want to have anything in common with that! In that case, kudos to you Baby H!

35 minutes to go and I'll be done for just over 6 weeks. I've gotten everything in order here as much as possible. It's a very odd feeling, knowing that I'm going to have quite some time off of work. Even though I'll be back (it's a good job and I like it as well as the people), it just seems like so long. Not that I'm complaining because once baby is here, I'll probably wish I had more time. :)

I think it's because of the routine of work. Get up in the morning, get ready, drive to work and get stuff done from 8-5, then go home. I've been told that I won't have much of a routine once baby is here, that I'll be more at his "mercy" than anything else. That could be interesting because I'm a creature of habit. I thrive on routine, LOL! It's just going to be weird. I'll have to live with/adjust to it.

It's really starting to sink in that by this time next week, Baby H should be here. If he doesn't make his appearance on his own, next Tuesday DR and nurses will "help" him out(whether he likes it or not - LOL). A year ago I couldn't imagine being at this point. What was I doing a year ago? Still trying to get AF on my own and dealing with all of the trials/tribulations that come with that. How far things have come! Crazy. Just crazy...


Kim said...

I'm sure you'll get back into a routine soon enough. :)

Nico said...

You only get six weeks off?? That seems a little miserly!

I hope baby H decides to come all on his own, and soon :-)

I haven't done any research on induction, so no thoughts to offer there.


Nico said...

Update, please! What's going on with Baby H? Waiting with bated breath.... :-)