Monday, June 12, 2006

Said My Peace (History Won't Repeat)

So I've been thinking (while catching up on work) about how I said that parents don't have routines anymore (at least new ones like me), etc, etc.

I realized that I'm beginning to act/sound like my mother. No offense to her, she raised me as a single parent when "single parenthood" wasn't en vogue and for that I'm grateful. However, someone pointed out to me that it seemed like I was "in the way" of her living her life as I was growing up. That I didn't fit into her routine. It has struck me that I may be heading down that same path with my own child and that I will not have.

I admit that it will take some work on my part. I'm a routine oriented person and live for structure! (you may wonder why I wanted children if that were the case - I guess I like a challenge. LOL)

I don't ever want my son (or future children) to feel like they are in my way or cumbersome to me. My history will not repeat itself through my kids!

I've said my peace and counted to three.