Friday, July 07, 2006

Missing K

I really miss K today. If I could've stayed home with him and just played that would've been great! He's becoming more alert and playful which is so much fun to watch. It's amazing to compare how he is now versus just 1 1/2 months ago. I love seeing his smile and his little laughs. Well, the laughs sound more like a sigh and chuckle at the same time, but I don't care. It's cute.

I found some pictures of him from May when he just started to smile. There aren't many of him facing the camera and smiling so these are treasures. He has a tendency to just stare at the camera like "what the hell are you doing?" when we try to catch him smiling.

Oh I miss him so much today. I'll be counting down the hours until the work day is done. I think I may skip my workout tonight to just hang out with him. Maybe instead of running we'll go outside and walk. Depends on how hot it is. I'd like to go walk with him. We haven't done that in a while.


Nico said...

He is just so cute!

If you feel like it, I think that taking a bit of time for yourself (like a nice half hour run) is a good thing to do.