Friday, August 25, 2006


I feel like a terrible person right now.

Some backstory:
K is 4 months old and various things have come up with him from a couple colds to the latest, thrush. The Pediatrican, Dr. V, was great. Perhaps on the conservative side of treatment style, but good none the less. HOWEVER, the other DR's that work in the clinic w/Dr V. are idiots!

If Dr. V was out of the office and we had to call to get advice on how to help K get through a cold or what to do to help w/his spit up, etc we'd get one of the other 3 doctors. Well, it usually ended up with their advice being different from Dr. V. Not just a little different, but COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

The latest example of this difference is with treating K's thrush. First, we gave him nystatin (didn't do a damn thing & was suggested by a different doctor). Then, we tried gentian violet (was suggested by DR. V). So on the third try because the thrush wasn't going away, we called in and got a different DR and they said to take the nystatin again and "wait for it to run it's course - it could take 6 more weeks." SIX MORE WEEKS?! I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO! If you had an illness, would you wait it out for 6 more weeks, especially after you had it for 2 weeks already?!

So I take K to a different Dr and request a transfer of records to this new Dr. because he's closer and seems good. I specifically ask if the other DR's that share his clinic have similar treatment styles and he says yes and we talk about a few other things as well.

Today, DR V calls personally asking about what happened and why we were transfering records, etc. I felt soooo bad! We liked/do like Dr V., but just couldn't take the other Dr's and the varying opinions on treatment. We also found out that Dr. V would have prescribed SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what the other Dr. did and wouldn't have made K "wait it out for another 6 weeks."

I feel like Dr. V was on our side and by changing DR's I've just screwed things up. At the same time, I can't handle the other Dr's in his clinic anymore.

J did get to talk to DR. V about it all, and Dr V. said it's okay to try other DR's and if things aren't what we expect them to be, we are more than welcome to come back to his office.

Ug, I hope I didn't screw things up. I wish Dr. V practiced at a different office. We'd stay with him then.


Nico said...

fwiw I totally think you did the right thing. If you're only happy with 25% of the care you get from that office, that's not good enough! You can't be guaranteed to get Dr. V every time, so I think changing to a place where the doctors WILL all tell you the same thing is a good move!