Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Latest Epiphany....

...courtesy of Mr. Dooneybug
Mr. Dooneybug

Some people want to have a baby and some want to become parents.
I place Mrs D and I in the camp of "want to become parents". But what is the difference?

Basically the difference is...

Wanting to become a parent means you understand that the desire to become pregnant might be selfish but from that point on you are prepared to sacrifice almost everything to be a good old fashioned parent. Spending time with you children, raising them yourself, making sure they learn what is most important to you.

Wanting a baby... from what I have experienced is more about how the baby can benefit you and doing whatever is necessary to make sure the addition of a baby doesn't change your routine.

Sometimes I feel that people in the "want to have a baby" group have a baby just because they can and other times it seems because everyone else is having kids maybe they should too.

Well said on the wanting a baby vs being a parent. Too bad more people don't realize that there is a difference.

Doh! I am guilty on occassion of trying to fit K into my routine as opposed to fitting me around him. I am getting better, but I've got work to do.


Oh, The Joys said...

It's hard for sure.

Nico said...

That's some deep thinking from Mr. Dooney. He makes a really great point! Thanks for passing it along.