Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Food Saga Continues - K vs. Bananas

So K is still working on the whole eating from a spoon thing. He's not keen to it, but he's coming around, albeit slowly.

Last night I thought we could try bananas. Supposedly everyone's child loves bananas. Yeah, just like everyone's child loves to eat from a spoon. (Apparently they haven't met K. I'd like to see them feed him from a spoon!)

Well, he did okay. He wasn't sure about the taste (and if you've tried mushy bananas you would feel the same) but after a couple spoonfuls he started to eat it. Sure, most of it ended up on his nose, chin, bib, eyelashes (!) - but he did eat it. K even opened his mouth 3 times as the spoon got closer to his mouth.

So, there's some progress. Not much, but it's there. I only wish I could say that K was catching on due to my patience and determination but the kudos go to B at daycare. She is the one who is working with him more. It's times like these that I wish I could be a stay at home mom. That's just not in the cards for us right now.

I'm not depressed or regretful about it. I knew this is how it would be before K was a thought in our minds. Sometimes, though, it does make me sad. More than anything, it makes me cherish my time with him when I do get home. That's a good reason why my treadmill workouts have been hit and miss. As much work as K can be, I miss him during the day and can't wait to be with him after work.

Oh, this is leading to another post. A much longer post that will have to come later. Suffice it to say, when K was first born and for approx. 3 1/2 months I had no clue what I was doing and I didn't have the overwhelming romantic "I'm a mom" feeling. It was a lot of work and I barely made it through. J held it together better than I did. Now, though, I'm watching K learning (how to sit up, eat, play, laugh), the connection / romantic "mom" feeling is getting stronger.


DD said...

One of the best tips I received when my son was learning to spoon feed was to use the rice flakes mixed w/formula/breast milk (which tastes awful by itself) and flavored by just a DROP of natural juice or apple/banana mash. Careful with too much banana to start w/unless K's a poopertrooper. It has a tendency to slow things down a bit.

yogamama said...

My daughter is more wary of bananas than she is of any other food. And I felt the same way: I thought all babies liked bananas! She's coming around to them now, but they definitely aren't a favorite. And yeah, once she did start to come around, then came the diaper drama, so you're probably better off anyway.