Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Better Than The Alternative

I keep that in mind as people shake their heads at me when I tell them about K's ear infection, going to the DR for seemingly endless coughing/colds, etc, etc.
You know, the:
"Oh that's right, you suffer from the first time mom neurosis."

I look them in the eye and say:
It's better than the alternative.

What alternative, they ask?
The leave K in his diarrhea ridden diaper to play in the cats' litter box. Leaving K home alone while I go out and get drunk. Feeding him only 2 bottles a day at MY CONVENIENCE. Not interacting/playing with him.
Do you NEED me to go on...?

Oh, well, um...
Yes, "oh, well, um" is right. I may be a first time mom, but at least I give a shit about my son. Even if that means I freak out over everything.
And for those keeping score, I freak out about fewer and fewer things each week. I can now handle K's colds without batting an eyelash. His coughing, well, I'm still working on that.


Anonymous said...

I think it's good to freak out. It teaches you what you need to know. (Too bad it's such a crash course though, eh?!)

Zany Mama said...

I hate to be judgemental, but I don't much like those people. You know, those folks who try to make you feel as if they know way more than you do or that you are being irrational. I mean does anyone ever say to themself, "Wow, that person was patronizing and dismissive of my parenting concerns - maybe they're right. I'm an idiot." And even if one were to say that, it's not like it would really help you the next time you're freaking out. You'd just freak out anyway and feel bad about it. Bleck.