Sunday, November 19, 2006

Moments of GRRR

I don't have any great way to start this, so I'm just going to type.

I am so fucking tired of restaurants NOT having changing stations in their restrooms. I am sick of having to change K on the damn floor because there is no counter space and what space there is available I'm "gracious" enough to not ruin with a poop/pee diaper for any other customers who want to wash their hands. Not to mention, I don't want some stranger eyeing my son's private parts or critique me on how to wipe his ass.

There has only been one restaurant that has the changing station. All of these other places - The Knolls, Charlestons (to name a few) have fucking nothing.

Now keep in mind all of these restaurants have high chairs so they must expect families with infants to come and dine there. Plus, infants/children who require the use of high chairs are generally still in diapers so wouldn't it make sense to have some space in the restroom that allows a parent to change their child's diaper.

One would think so!

So after going out to lunch this afternoon, and after having to change K on the fucking floor, I tossed his dirty diaper (and I do mean DIRRRRTY) in the trash bin. However, I did not put it in the scented bags I bring along to put the diapers in to reduce the chance of lingering odor. No, not this time. And not any time again where I have to change him on the floor or the damn counter.

In fact, I'm not going to change him on the floor anymore. It's on the counter and if that means I'm blocking the sink for people to wash their hands, then so fucking be it. If they make a comment I'll promptly tell them to go out and tell the damn management they couldn't wash their hands because I was taking up the counter space because I didn't have a place to take care of my son's needs.

I'm sick of feeling like a sub citizen at restaurants because I'm a parent of an infant. Fucking sick of it all!

There are also some other things that came up today, but I'll save that for later. This post is already quite lenthly. Suffice it to say, two other couples are expecting their first child in the next few months and they had the audacity to make sarcastic remarks about how their child isn't going to cry, etc, etc.
Yes, fuck them too - even if they are family. Thank god I don't have to see them often. It just sucks that this comes up now around the holidays when we're expected to be at the family events. Sucks that I have to fucking fake it.