Monday, November 20, 2006

Vindication! & It's On!

Seems I'm not crazy or reading into things! Mother-in-law V called today and wanted to apologize for the other family members behavior. I told her she better not and that it is not her fault. I thanked her for being there to keep me company.

She felt isolated just like I did and I found out that when she left, she "went off" to W (Father in law) about the entire situation.

Oh, and it gets better. Remember how I mentioned that J thought I was over-reacting and maybe reading into things. Well after he talked to W and found out how V was so angry, J realized that I wasn't being overly emotional. J knows that it takes a lot to get his mom angry and if she's angry, then some shit really did happen.

I feel so much better! In a way. I don't feel good about what happened yesterday, but I feel better that I wasn't the only one to see it and that J understands what REALLY happened.

I also emailed Aunt-in-law C and asked her directly if there was a problem between us. Because I have the cajones bigger than the planet right now, I'll post it here:

Is there a problem between us? I’m not sure if I missed something or said something but I really got mixed vibes yesterday.

At the restaurant we sat at an end of the table to try and not be in the way with the highchair and everyone else sat at the complete opposite end of the table.

I overhead some sarcastic comments made about Killian, as well as when we got to Denise’s home, everyone went downstairs so we go there and then everyone goes upstairs.

I can deal with not being part of the clique, but I don’t appreciate comments made about Killian or being “secluded” because of him.

If I have said something or done something, I would appreciate it being brought to my attention.

So there it is. Talk about calling her out, LOL!

All I can say is, It's On! I don't give a rat's ass if you're family. Talk about my son or push us away and isolate us because we have an infant - It's On, Biotches!!!