Sunday, December 24, 2006


I read this meme on No Period Baby and thought I'd make the same list. Not that I really want to re-live this year. There have been bright spots, but overall 2006 sucked the big one.

January: I'm finally starting to look pregnant now, instead of "fluffy" or "thick" LOL.

February: I was thinking the other day that we're in the single digits as far as weeks left in my pregnancy.

March: Since baby has been getting larger, J and I have been playing name that body part - whether it's a heel, foot, butt, head - you name it we've been trying to guess it.

April: It's really starting to sink in that by this time next week, Baby H should be here

May: He arrived last Tuesday (4/25/06) at 3:09 pm. He weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long.

June: I feel like everything that was stable around me and my family is now dissolving.

July: There's so much that I didn't anticipate in regards to having a baby/being a parent.

August: I am so not focused on getting any work done. I keep looking at pictures of K on my desk and would really love to be home with him.

September: Teaching a 5 month old how to eat from a spoon requires more zen patience than I could muster from my pinky toe.

October: by watching our son fall off the bed and land on his head. Not the side, not the back - ON TOP OF HIS HEAD.

November: I'm not sure that I have it in me to re-hash all of yesterday's events. I have to though in order to get the monkey off my back and attempt to move on.

December: After being buried in laundry all week (as well as runny poo diapers and the vigilent stomach flu) it was quite a nice surprise to see that I'd won the Mad Libs contest over at Dooneybug Days.


Nico said...

It is an interesting way to sum up the year, isn't it? I hope that the hard times you guys had this year are all behind you, and the upcoming year is filled with nothing but fun with K!

S. said...

Thanks, Nico. Same to you. : )
Ant looks like he is growing fast.