Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is the sound of my brain after a phone conversation with J.

K was referred to an Opthmologist for one of his eyes that is just slightly turning inward. You actually don't notice it unless you know it's there.
So an appointment was made.

Not more than an hour later, J calls back and wants to cancel the appointment. He has "this feeling" that the DR will tell us K is fine and that his eye will fix itself. He doesn't want to piss away more money on Dr. bills.

I understand his point. We've gone to the Dr. a lot in K's first few months and are just now getting to the point of paying off some of them. Most of the appointments were due to nervous first-time-parent-itis, I admit. Even still, it's better to make sure that we're doing the right thing as far as treating diarrhea/ear infection/whatever cold hits this month. It stinks to have to add to the medical bills again, but that's the way it goes.

My brain promptly exploded as J said he wants to make sure K is ok, but would rather take the chance on that than make sure by going to the Dr.

I don't even think I can really described the "WTF?!" that flooded my head during his call. I love, love, love J. Right now, I just want to glare at him.

I know money has been tight. I know another appointment won't help that. I also know that insurance is there to help us out and that as long as we make regualr payments they can't harrass us.

I also know that if it means I don't get to buy a fancy new 4GB flash drive or the Video Camera (so that our videos are much easier on the eyes), then so be it.


DD said...

Do you ask your pediatrician about his eyes during the well-child follow-ups? I'm guessing you have since you have a referral. And if you have the referral from a doctor, then that should be good enough for K.

Nico said...

It's tough when the answer most likely will be "everything is just fine"... but in case it's not, I agree with you that you HAVE to go!