Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My How We've Grown!

This at 2 weeks:
This is around 3 months:
This is at 8 months:
K's 9 month appt with DR A is this afternoon and I was just thinking about how much he's accomplished since the 6 month appt. From just barely sitting up on his own to starting to cruise along furniture, he's learned so much. I'm very excited for him. He's becoming a little boy.
It seems easier to take care of him at this stage (for now!) than it was when he was younger. Don't get me wrong, we still have our challenges, but it was so much more work before. I'd go through it again, but only if I could take the knowledge I've gained with me. I think it would go a bit smoother. I guess all first time parents say that, huh.


Poopydigs said...

Ah yess, I don't think I'd ask for the colic nights back. I do miss being able to just hold her and stare into her eyes for hours at a time---without all the squirming.

Zany Mama said...

All the ages are great, but I do especially appreciate being able to leave Zane in a room by himself for a few minutes. It's hard for me to imagine going back to having to watch his every. single. move.

I do hear it's easier the second time around - far less worries.

He's so cute!!!