Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I've noticed that some bloggers share their blog with family and friends.
To the (-5) visitors here, may I ask what made you decide to do that?
I don't think I could share it with anyone. I let it all out here and would probably end up sensoring myself.


Dooneybug said...

Oh hell no. I'd never tell my family, I just hope they never find it. One of my RL friends knows about my blog. I told her because I felt like I wanted her to understand the difficulty we were having trying to conceive the first time. But yeah, even if I want to tell stories about her I can't because she may read it. It definitely does cause you to edit yourself.

DD said...

If you want to have a "family" blog then set up a new one that you can candy-coat with lots of baby pictures and stories of development, but I definitely would advice you NOT to share your blog if you want to keep it raw.

Bon said...

lol. when i started, i didn't really know anything about the mom blog world and had never (blush) read one, so it never occurred to me that anyone would ever find me or read me if i didn't announce the blog to my real life folk. of whom about three became regular readers, i think. :)

it's not so does factor into the occasional thing i say, particularly about the inlaws since i know they read for news of O, but they're good, decent people so the only serious censorship going on with them in mind is regarding my sex life. which no one really wants to read about anyway, i suppose.

and i figure if people who know me choose to read, they KNOW they're reading what is in essence a form of it's on them to deal with what they read. it actually gives me a place to say things, particularly about our firstborn whom we lost, that i wouldn't say in a f2f conversation with most people, b/c the world doesn't make a lot of space for those conversations...they make people uncomfortable. but with the blog, i essentially get to say what i need to, keep my firstborn on the radar now and then, have him not be completely wiped out of the lexicon of my family and friends.

but, at the same time, if i were starting over...would i keep it private and anonymous?


Oh, The Joys said...

I started mine for my family so...

(unbelievable really considering the absolutely ridiculous stuff I put up there.)

Nico said...

Not sharing. It's my space, where I can write what I want. I don't bitch much, but it's nice to have a "safe" place to do so if I want to.

Zany Mama said...

I decided to tell my friends and half of my family - the half that belongs to me and not my partner.

But I don't blog so much as a journal - although that sometimes does happen. I started to blog so that I could practice having something I've written available for public consumption. It was a way to face my fears of folks reading my writing.

I do censor myself sometimes, but I have also really wanted the words to be a record for Zane of his childhood so I think I would censor anyway.

Good question - I've never thought about NOT having friends or family along for the blog ride, but I can see the advantages.