Thursday, January 18, 2007

Woman (+) Weird Car Noise (x) Hunch = I Was Right!

We've all heard the addage that women and cars don't generally go together, at least as far as anything mechanical is concerned. While that may be true for some, I can now stand tall and proud because I was right about a funky noise my car was making not being good.

It's been f-ing cold here. I mean really f-ing cold. Monday and Tuesday the highs were below 0! Those were the high temps!

Anyway, most cars don't agree with extremly cold weather. I don't blame them. On Monday, my car started to make this weird groaning noise when I would turn left or right. J, my darling husband, and a few others were saying that it was just because of the cold temperatures. I figured eh, maybe.

After driving most of the week with this groaning coming from the steering column/area, I just decided to get it checked out. J, thinking I was over-reacting, shrugged his shoulders and said "Do what you think is best. I say just wait it out."

J, I love you, but f-off this time! : )

I get my car to a mechanic and sure enough (!!!!!) there was a problem. It was in the suspension and steering: a link for the sway bars was bad and that was causing the noise. HA, aren't you impressed I know what a sway bar is and that it's related to suspension! So there it is. I was right about a mechanical car problem AND I'm a woman. Take that!

Sometimes, a hunch can be all it takes.

Now if I could just have a hunch about this weeks lottery numbers.......


Nico said...

You go, girl! I always love breaking stereotypes :-)