Friday, February 23, 2007

Check It Out!

Our new winter place! We can't wait to move in! No germs, no icky vomit, no dust or cat dander - it's perfect.
No need to visit the DR when we're here! Nothing will get us. It's going to be great!

OK, back to reality.
I have had a head cold for a week, K caught a tummy bug yesterday and has barely been keeping down Pedialyte. J, well, J is the last one to be un-touched. We'll see if he can make it through the weekend.

I understand that germs are helpful to our immune systems but geez-is! When my little man can't keep 1 teaspoon of liquid in his stomach, the benefit of before-mentioned germs eludes me.


Christy said...

When my daughter is sick, I fret and worry about getting her to drink liquids. Dehydration can happen pretty quickly.

I hope that everyone is feeling better soon.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Poor baby, nothing worse than the tummy bug. Get well soon, all of you!