Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Odd One Out

I wasn't anticpating THIS quite so soon. I also wasn't expecting it to be me who is the odd one out.

It's hard for me to even put I how feel into words.......


DD said...

I found that my son really gravitated towards Dad at that age, too, because he was FUN! The throwing and swinging and hanging upside down stuff is really addictive to a little tot. Me? I couldn't even watch. Trust me, it will go full circle more than once. Just wait him out b/c it won't take long.

Christy said...

Don't worry, kids change like the wind. Your baby will be refusing daddy in no time, and wanting mommy all the time. Then, you'll be kicking yourself in the ass for feeling a little jealous.

Hang in there!

Bon said...

sing it, sister.

daddy comes home and O lights up like a plastic Santa...which is sweet to see and all, but still. daddy is not up to his elbows in your poop half the day, boy.

we're like the water they swim in, us mommies, it seems. which is good, but it still does hurt. doesn't it?

emma said...

Kids prefer people in waves, but mommy always reigns.

I think it's more about control, than preference.