Friday, February 02, 2007

Key To My Heart

I don't normally buy into sappy keepsakes, but sometimes one or two stand out and I M . U . S . T . have them. LOL

So I was reading in a magazine about these key chains that could be personalized and were super fancy with Swarovski crystals.

(Ooooh, shiny things...)

I went to the web site for key to my heart and found one of those M.U.S.T. haves.

I received mine today and it looks great! I've already decided to get some for the grandparents and sister in law (even though she often makes me scratch my head like a primate digging for.....well, I don't know what they're digging for but they do scratch their heads for a long time).

So, is there any point to this post? Shameless plug and the revelation that I'm a sucker for really f-ing awesome keepsakes.


Mrs. Chicken said...

Hi There, can you send me Nico's homepage? I can't reach her via email.


The Queen Mama said...

Very, very pretty. Sparkly things are always good. I remember how, after I got my mother's ring last year, I just couldn't stop looking at it for several weeks. Made for some interesting driving. (Kidding!)