Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Man I Married (& the Father of My Son)

"Why don't we just low-jack him?"
This is the answer from J when I showed him the new child ID I made for K.

"Yeah, then we could find him anywhere."

"Then we could shock him if he starts to act up!"

Isn't technology great!
snarky, snark, snark


DD said...

Here's something a little less obvious:

Christy said...

I am getting a fine education from reading blogs. Until today, I had never even heard of lowjacking. The urban dicitionary is very fun!

Bon said...

y'know, my vocabulary needed that little boost too.

and if i could lowjack O and not be arrested as a bad, bad mother...i would. we're travelling the week after his first birthday. looks like he'll be walking. i'm a sweaty mess already.