Tuesday, January 03, 2006

4 1/2 Months to Go

Baby H is moving around quite a bit now. Hell, last night we even saw him kick against my belly - which was kind of creepy as visions of "Alien" ran through my head! LOL!
I can tell he's getting stronger because I can feel him more often. It used to be that I had to be very still and focus on any movement in/around my belly. Now, just sitting here I can feel him moving around doin' his groove thing. :)

The infamous glucose test is coming up in 2 weeks. Not really looking forward to it and from what I've heard, no pregnant woman ever does. I've also learned that many "fail" the first one hour test and have to go back for a 3 hour test! I'm trying to eat well, but not too far off from how I've been eating already. As much as I don't want to deal with this, if I do end up getting gestational diabetes then I want to know so that it can be controlled. I'm hoping, hoping, HOPING that I pass the first test and don't have to eliminate my favorite sweet splurges!

After this month, I get to go to the DR visits every other week! I'm excited because
a) it means that I'm in the last trimester and that much closer to having Baby H in my arms and
b) I get to leave work for a while. Who doesn't love that!

It doesn't seem like I should be this far along already. Only 4 1/2 months to go. That is assuming my edd is accurate and I don't end up overdue.