Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Real Moms Addendum

Real moms have either a camera or video camera attached to their hip as they try to catch all the milestone moments on film.

Little Man has been taking a few steps on his own over the past few days. However, they are so quick that I've yet to get a picture.
I can hardly believe that he's getting to this point. This time last year he was still squirming around in my huge belly.


Christy said...

I am always trying to capture special moments. I rarely ever get a decent shot. Instead, I just end up wasting lots of flim.

Poopydigs said...

yes, i bought a digi camera just to keep in my purse. hehehe.

Billy's Mummy said...

Dont i know it! I bought the best phone i could so i'd never miss a pic - hence the blog over load!

Bon said...

he's walking!!!!!


and so it begins. looking forward to the pix.