Monday, March 26, 2007

I Do All My Own Stunts

We had a good weekend. K and I got to play a lot.
Saturday it rained most of the day so we were stuck inside. We played on top of pillows and blankets, walked with the buggy, pushed the train around, chased the cats.
It was a good day.
Sunday we went to the park and tried out the slide (not to sure on those, yet) and played in the swings.
This morning K took off and crawled from one side of the bed (where we had been getting him dressed) to the other side lightening fast and

"Oh shit..."
(as I do a belly flop on top of the bed to try and catch his leg/ankle/pinky toe)

went right over the edge and landed on top of his head AGAIN!

K had the biggest alligator tears you've ever seen and cried for less than a minute.
He then spotted J finishing up ironing his shirt and started to giggle.

This kid of mine, I tell you...


DD said...

Even more amazing? Your husband irons!

Billy's Mummy said...

I've let billy drop on his head once think i was more upset than him! Like the stunt pictures! Dont they suddenly get quick - the safest place is his cot but he now insists on jumping while holding the top, them following it by smashing his face!

Bon said...

yeh, when did my baby turn into Evil Kneivel?

love the tshirt. K is gorgeous, and looks like a rambunctious lot of fun.

does J iron your stuff? i do not iron, and Dave does, but not my stuff. alas...

S. said...

DD, if you can believe it, he evens helps clean! The shock, I Know! LOL

Billy's Mummy, It's amazing how fast he's gotten. I'm not sure I'm ready for this next stage.

Bon, K loves to play hard and I'm amazed at how much energy he has compared to me!
J will iron my stuff if I ask, but I generally try to stay away from anything that requires more than a wash and dry.

Christy said...

K is too cute. I so glad you guys had such a fun weekend together.

Does it scare the shit out of you when he falls on his head? I get all bent out of shape when Porgie falls face forward into our various pieces of furiture.